Important Advice for Ryanair Passengers

Please read the following before you Check In or Print a Boarding Pass on the Ryanair website. This advice applies whether you are using a SurfBox kiosk or your own PC, laptop, etc.

Our Recommendation – Use the Previous Version of

We have found a number of issues in the new version of the Ryanair website (released October 2015). They relate to the Check-In & Boarding Pass Print functionality, see below for further details.

The previous (‘legacy’) version, which can be found here, is still operational and is being maintained by Ryanair. Based on our experience, it is currently more stable than the new version.

The full URL:

If You Really Insist on Using the New Version…

While Check-In and Boarding Pass printing can work correctly, if you’re not careful you will end up with BLANK printed pages. Or worse still you won’t be able to check-in at all. On our kiosks, the check-in function does work (normally), but when printing your boarding pass, you MUST use the Print button at the bottom of the boarding pass screen. DO NOT use the ‘built-in’ Windows print button (or Control-P, Right-Click & Print or Menu & Print). Any of these will result in BLANK pages being printed, or an error message.

The Issues

Firstly we wish to point out that these issues are not caused by using outdated or unsupported browser versions. All SurfBox kiosks use Internet Explorer Version 11 browser (latest available) on Windows 7 computers. The issues are reproducible with this and many other browsers. All of them relate to the Check In and Boarding Pass print features. We are not aware of any issues with other features of the website.

In summary, the issues are as follows:

  • Attempting to print using any of the Windows ‘built-in’ print controls (e.g. Control-P, Right-click & Print or Menu & Print) results in a blank page being printed.
  • If you try to check-in using the ‘Flight Details’ option, the calendar initially displays a departure date in 2015. If you mistakenly select the wrong departure date in the calendar, the check-in goes no further without any error or warning.
  • If you are checking in for more than 1 flight with different reference numbers, the 1st flight will always be displayed. To work around this, you must logout of your browser session and restart before checking in for the 2nd
  • Attempting to start the Check-In process on some browsers causes the browser to continually return to the Ryanair start page.

We have tested and reproduced these bugs on some (in some cases all) of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (all latest versions).

We have been in contact with Ryanair about this and have been assured that the issues have been forwarded “onto the relevant department for their attention”. We will post updates to the issues here, as they become available.

Small Fix – May 2016

A small fix to the website has come to our attention today. The Print & Download buttons now appear at the top of the page when you get to the ‘View Boarding Pass’ stage. This makes it a little easier for users to avoid reverting to the usual Windows print options (Menu Print, Control-P, etc). But be warned, using any of these options still results in blank pages being printed. Because of this, we’d still advise our users to stick with Ryanair’s legacy website.

Last Updated: 04/05/2016.