We provide Secure Internet Access systems for public use in a variety of public locations. We currently operate and manage 800+ internet access desktops mainly in the following locations:

  • Hotels,
  • Airports,
  • Shopping Centres,
  • Libraries and
  • Ferries.

These can be provided with or without payment devices, typically coin or credit-card. We are a partner of Provisio, and deploy their award-winning SiteKiosk™ for our Pay-As-You-Go SurfBox service. For ‘free of charge’ internet access we deploy Faronics Deep Freeze software. Both of these solutions safeguard our terminals in public locations from unwelcome intrusion and guarantee our users’ browsing confidentiality. All of our Internet Access desktops are remotely managed using a combination of the SiteRemote™ kiosk-management solution and LogMeIn™  for remote desktop control.