Provide Self-Service Public Printing and Photo-Copying for Your Customers

We provide self-Service ‘pay-as-you-go’ internet and print/scan/copy¬†stations for shopping centres. These stations come in the form of attractive well-branded kiosks where your customers can come and print in full colour or black/white and already operate across many shopping centres nationwide.

Due to the increased ownership of smartphones and tablets, consumers are less likely to have a desktop printer at home, which has led to an increased demand for self-service printing, copying and scanning in shopping centres. Users are typically printing off Ryanair boarding passes, payslips, CVs and many other types of documents. Users can print directly from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop to the printer at our kiosks.

Do you offer such a service at your shopping centre? If not we are interested in operating the service under a retail concession agreement at your shopping centre.

If you are interested in getting a SurfBox internet & print/scan/copy kiosk in your shopping centre contact us today!