Believe it or not, there is still a demand for payphones. Particularly in an airport environment- passengers may run out of battery charge, run out of phone credit, contact emergency services or be wary of their carrier’s international roaming charges. There are even some who don’t carry mobile devices abroad. Put simply, it is still a requirement for airports in particular to provide payphones for their passengers.

We provide a payphone solution for the mobile internet age: a VoIP-based coin payphone in the traditional style, combined with a 19” Touch Screen offering Skype™ video and Credit-Card phone calls. The VoIP solution allows us to quickly deploy systems without the need for outdated and expensive copper-pair PSTN lines. All of our calls are routed via the award-winning Voipfone® network with a 99.9% up-time and higher quality telephone calls than landlines or mobiles. The addition of the 19” Skype™ Video service enables mobile customers to stay in touch with family and friends in a way that everyone is now familiar with. In summary, our solution includes:

  • VoIP Coin-Operated Payphone (Traditional Style)
  • Touch-Screen Skype Video Phone
  • Touch-Screen VoIP Credit Card Calls.
  • A Bright and Attractive Payphone Design with New Technology which will Attract Users to the Service.
  • The Payphone Canopy can be provided in any Colour.